120 Haverhill Road In 2009




120 Haverhill Road is located in the very center of this picture.  It is approximately a 5 acre lot.  A single family home is located near to Route 111 (Haverhill Road).  The driveway for the lot continues past the left (west) of the single family home to the rear of the property where a large storage building exists.  The rear of the property is where the tow trucks are stored and any business operations take place.  Currently there are 8 tow trucks stored on the property.  Some of these trucks are larger than a typical automobile tow truck as Bauchman Towing sometimes tows larger vehicles – for example fire engines. 

The residents who have been fighting this illegal operation are located on Galway Road which is located to the North and rear of 120 Haverhill Road.  Some of the houses to the rear of the property are closer to where these tow trucks are being stored than Mr. Bauchman’s house at the front of the property.  There are many quality of life detriments that should be considered when determining the effects on the abutting properties closest to the Bauchman Towing business operations:

·       Hours of operation – Towing operations are typically 24 hours a day,7 days a week operations since vehicle break downs can occur at any time whether it be the middle of the night or first thing Sunday morning.

·       Tow truck lights – Tow trucks are built to be noticed.  When these trucks return from duty in the middle of the night the lights from these vehicles shine directly into the houses that abut the rear of the property.

·       Tow truck beeping – When these trucks park they are often put into reverse which causes the incessant beeping which is a noise specifically made to be noticed.  This beeping may occur in the middle of the night.

·       Weekend repairs – The repetitive noise of the air ratchet or other power tools that accompany the auto repair trade are a nuisance that most don’t expect in a residential or rural zone.

·       Unmitigated Fluids – Since no business is supposed to be run on this property there has never been any oversight into how Bauchman Towing handles the hazardous wastes that are common with either a towing business or an automobile repair business.  It is unknown what effect if any this could be having on the well water of the properties behind.